Our focus is to understand the fundamental pathways for chronic, degenerative diseases which afflict Native Hawaiian and other indigenous peoples connected by the Pacific Ocean, or Moana Nui. This search led us to the discovery that chronic inflammation is the common ground that leads to the disorders that disable and cripple our people, and eventually result in early death.

The answer to preventing chronic inflammation is not found in modern medicine; pharmaceutical drugs add more unacceptable health risks, and costs. The true costs of drug-­based care is not confined to one drug; total costs must include the costs of other drugs prescribed to counteract the toxicities of the primary drugs.

The answer to prevention of chronic diseases is to reduce chronic inflammation. The avenue for reversing chronic degenerative disorders involves the lifestyle. Important elements of the lifestyle are breath, motion, nutrition, meditation, and service.

The past history of 20 years of health data in Hawaiʻi indicate a sharp rise in these types of chronic disorders. The diabetic epidemic for example, has doubled in numbers of people diagnosed with the disease. Why?

  • Not enough drugs? Of course not.
  • Loss of motion? Yes.
  • Loss of breathing capacity? Yes.
  • Excessive eating or drinking? Yes.
  • Too much mental stress? Yes.
  • Not enough self­care? Yes.

What are the relationships between overweight status and arthritic, or asthmatic, or diabetic disorders? When we slow down and reduce our mobility, it reduces our breathing. Unfortunately, it doesnʻt reduce our eating or drinking. Excessive consumption of junk foods or high-­fructose corn syrup damage the internal organs, and we become overweight. Obesity leads to diabetes.
Our current methods of mass patient education and preventive services are in need of adaptation in order to remain viable. Using left brain solutions to right brain problems leaves a sad, telltale trail of increased prevalence of patients with select chronic conditions. Handing flyers to patients and expecting them to change their lifestyles is insane. That is a failure to communicate of epic proportion.
We need more target specific solutions. A new strategic direction in community health care education and preventive services is absolutely needed. You want to reverse diabetes? Revise your lifestyle. How?

Follow the LŌKAHI Protocol.

  • Inflammation
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes

Project: LŌKAHI

LŌKAHI Protocol is a community health outreach program that emphasizes lifestyle intervention through an inter­disciplinary approach to group training sessions and services. Massage and acupuncture provide support for the relief of stress, pain, stiffness and discomfort following group exercise sessions (motion and breath). Auricular acupuncture, known as the NADA Protocol, assists with the relief of anxiety and impulsivity, to reverse overeating practices. Nutritional deficiencies are corrected and nutritional excesses are reduced.