Community Outreach

LŌKAHI Protocol is a free program that emphasizes lifestyle intervention through an inter­disciplinary approach to group training sessions and services. Massage and acupuncture provide support for the relief of stress, pain, stiffness and discomfort following group exercise sessions (motion and breath). Auricular acupuncture, known as the NADA Protocol, assists with the relief of anxiety and impulsivity, to reverse overeating practices. Nutritional deficiencies are corrected and nutritional excesses are reduced.

Health Education & Training Programs

We provide instruction and training programs for different levels of community involvement, starting from the ohana or family level, up to the professional and graduate levels of experience. Lomilomi or traditional massage and bodywork is the primary modality that we use and teach. We integrate traditional herbal wisdom with modern technological tools and scientific understanding to develop novel methods of health care delivery for optimal efficiency and efficacy. The benefits of learning, practicing and receiving Hawaiian lomilomi with herbs, motion and breath work include anti­aging effects and reversal of chronic inflammatory disorders.

Earth Medicine Institute

In addition to our own sponsored programs, we do collaborate with other individuals and organizations to promote the viability of the global community of healers, physicians, teachers and students. A new program that was launched in October, 2011, in Puna on the big island is the Earth Medicine Institute. Led by David Leonard, acupuncturist and herbalist, EMI was established to fill the void between outrageously expensive college tuition and self­ taught lessons of science and traditions. Go to the Earth Medicine Institute Facebook page for more information.