Ohana Caregivers

The education process is an essential step toward training ourselves and each other to learn safe and effective ways to protect and to safeguard our health. Collecting, organizing and assimilating all of the bits of information that we need to recognize and identify the causes of the problems which afflict us provides us with the foundation for ohana care (family care).

A training program must include a clinical or apprenticeship component, in order for the wisdom and experience of the kumu or teacher to become understood and accepted by the haumana or student. Group events where members of the ohana mingle and interact with each other are good opportunities for the ohana caregivers to provide services under the supervision of their kumu or haku (family leader).


The tools and supplies needed by the ohana caregivers are necessary for them to be able to fulfill their roles in the family and community. These tools may include bowls, sticks, stones, pareō, chair, bench or massage tables, spray bottles, nebulizer. Supplies include massage oils, plants, salves, powders, water, wrap/tape, handouts.


One role of the Ohana Learning Institute (OLI) is to train ohana members to become competent caregivers within the home and community. To accomplish that goal, appropriate tools and supplies must be made available to the caregivers and family members who need them. OLI provides assistance in identification, collection, processing and distribution of the tools and supplies. These essential elements of ohana care are available within the community or from the OLI Shop.